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The TRI CASCADE VOS 5G Dongle is a small and slim designed device that allows you to connect to the internet using 5G wireless technology. It is also backwards compatible with your carrier's 4G LTE network, providing you with a seamless internet connection.


The TRI CASCADE VOS 5G Dongle offers faster internet speeds and lower latency than previous generations of mobile networks, making it well-suited for applications that require high bandwidth and low latency, such as online gaming, video streaming, and virtual reality.


Now, you can just plug it into a USB 3.1 port on your computer, laptop, or pad to get high-speed internet access via a 5G network.



TRI CASCADE VOS 5G Dongle (grey)

Expected to ship by the end of Aug. 2023
  • Internet That Fits In Your Pocket And Reaches The World.

    With no Wi-Fi necessary, TRI CASCADE VOS 5G Dongle is the ultimate tech solution for an interconnected world that allows users to:

    Access High-Speed Internet:

    ▪ Directly access the web via laptops, desktops, tablets, or any USB 3.1-powered device.

    ▪ Achieve uninterrupted, ultra-secure, ultimate-speed online capabilities promptly.

    ▪ Increase usage efficiency rapidly with low-latency and high performance.

    Connect and Go, Without Delay:

    ▪ Easily plug the device into a device's USB port for an immediate and reliable internet connection.

    ▪ Instantly establish a 5G high-speed internet connection without installing any drivers.

    ▪ Swiftly conduct internet-based tasks on-the-go in any settings or locations.

    5G/4G Dual Compatibility:

    ▪ Enjoy peak speeds up to 2.5Gbps downloads with backwards compatibility from 5G to 4G if your 5G network is not available.

    ▪ Effortlessly upgrade various communication devices with a quickly adaptable 5G dongle.

    Enjoy Mobility with Secured Productivity:

    ▪ Conveniently connect to fast internet on the move with a compact, sleekly designed dongle.

    ▪ Safely utilize devices with enhanced security, forgoing unsecured Wi-Fi networks or hotspots.

    ▪ Exponentially increase personal or professional productivity with privacy and data protection.

    Sustain Power and Performance:

    ▪ The device is powered directly through a laptop.

    ▪ Readily engage in web-based tasks with an internet connector that retains its full power.

    ▪ Conduct large-file transfers, downloads, streaming, video conferencing, and more.



    Qualcomm SDX55


    3.44 x 1.53 x 0.83 (inch)


    0.15 (lbs)

    Power & I/O

    USB Type C, Nano-SIM, 2 x LED Indicators

    Tx Power

    +23 dBm (Power Class 3)


    Bandwidth 100MHz; MIMO 4x4



    Bandwidth 100MHz; LTE CAT 20

    Power Consumption

    Normal Use (Office): 3 ~ 7W Maximum Use (Speed Test): 10W

    Operation Temperature


    14~ 122

    Storage Humidity

    5% ~ 95%



    Microsoft Windows 10; Mac 10, 15;

    Ubuntu 14.04; Linux 3.13 and later


    Connection Manager, SMS, SIM PIN



    Colors Option

    Black; Dark Gray

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